About Us

Reicuri is a company invested by a group of professionals to bring the best of the products to India that includes essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, essential macro and micronutrients.

India needs the best of the worlds product in form of the best available dosage forms to give the best to our customers. We are committed towards the well-being of our customers as we get nothing but the best personally selected by our experts.

Our products are in form of effervescent technology or in form of emulsion or in form of state of mono-doses or in form of crystalline powders which matches or exceeds the best in the class. We have partnered with international brands that provide our customers the best in the class. We have exclusive marketing rights to monopoly brands of these companies. These products are targeted towards growth, development, well-being, recovery, vitality, beauty, improved cognition, agility and anti-aging. These products are imported, shipped and stored with utmost care so as to retain the quality of supplements at the time of consumption.

Reicuri provides a complete solution in rejuvenating your mind, body, skin, vitality and ageing so that we care for your overall well-being. Nutrition is the cornerstone for the success of health & supplementing at the right time with right products from the house of quality!