BCAA Products are available at Reicuri, a leading distributor of natural healthcare products. BCAA Supplements consists of a blend of four essential amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine, and Glutamine. While these acids cannot be naturally synthesized by the body, glutamine is produced by the body. However, an excess of glutamine is consumed during intense physical activity and the BCAA products provide the best amino acids that build and maintain muscle mass. This supplement enhances the performance in people who practice high intensity or resistance training or for anyone looking to improve muscle function and is one of the best pre workout supplements online.

When consumed in its liquid and palatable form, it supports the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, thereby making it suitable for consumption before, during or after a workout and one of the best BCAA product available. Each BCAA Vial of quantity 11 ml provides the body with 1000 mg of amino acids. This BCAA Complet is enriched with the sweetness of sucralose. The BCAA Products online is a superior muscle building supplement that optimizes the muscle function and improves performance while also stimulating the immune system.


Marnys Manviox Q10 is a one of its kind supplement which contains Royal jelly, Mangosteen and Co-enzyme Q10. Each one of these substances acts as antioxidant,immunoboosters and improves exercise tolerance in natural form making this one of the best anti-aging products available online. Sourced from the ‘power of nature’, Manviox Q10 is the essential synergy formula nutricosmetic for combating free radicals which cause oxidative stress.

Each single-use of 10ml vial has to be consumed daily and has been enriched with the sweetness of stevia. The benefits of using Manvoix Q10 are manifold. The product is a powerful antioxidant and fights against the visible signs of aging. CoQ10 is needed by the body cells to obtain energy but synthesis of this co-enzyme reduces with age. The product Manvoix Q10 Contains CoQ10 in liquid form for maximum absorption by the body. Royal jelly is known for increased collagen production and mangosteen inhibits free radical damage. It has photoprotective properties, that is, it protects the skin against the molecular damage caused by sunlight. This is done by preventing the oxidative stress caused by excessive or fluctuating light conditions. This anti-aging vitamin supplement is also known to stimulate collagen production which further fights against aging. The supplement is of high quality and is highly stable. Manviox Q10 modulates metabolism and immune response and improves the body’s general wellbeing.

3. Show off your hair..! skin..! AND nails..!

Hair, skin and nails are exposed to many external agents. With seasonal changes, sudden temperature changes and, especially in summer, the exposure to the sun, the chlorine of swimming pools, etc., can damage them or diminish their brightness and healthy appearance. Before the change of seasons, it is therefore essential to pamper and pay more attention to these parts of the body. Nutricosmetics (nutritional supplements for cosmetic care) can help us thanks to the natural active ingredients acting from within.

How nutricosmetics helps in their growth and development

Collagen is one of the proteins favouring the normal development of skin, hair and nails, as it represents over 25% of the total proteins created by the human body, and is found in various tissues like joints, muscles, tendons and skin where it provides properties like
elasticity. Although the human body produces collagen naturally, as the body ages its natural capability to generate collagen is gradually reduced. Compared to adolescence, it is indeed estimated that after the age of 40, 50% less collagen is produced.

In the process of natural collagen production, the function of vitamin C is precisely essential, since it adds hydrogen and oxygen to the amino acids that stimulate this production. In fact, when there isn’t enough vitamin C in the body, collagen production
decreases. However, Beauty In&Out nutricosmetic supplement can help you maintain a good skin appearance because it combines all these ingredients.

Other benefits for your skin, hair and nails are determined by hyaluronic acid, which favours a better hydration, the maintenance of the skin’s barrier and elasticity and more flexible movements as it favours lubrication in the joints for theload and weight of the body.

The function of minerals such as zinc and other constituents such as biotin, niacin and riboflavin additionally contribute to good maintenance and growth of nails and hair.

58 days of beauty with Beauty In & Out

For all these reasons, thanks to the synergy of the active ingredients in Beauty In&Out we propose the “58 Days of Beauty” plan, an advanced nutricosmetics plan to take care of yourself from the inside and to see how the results are reflected on the outside.

Start the 28-day shock plan by taking one drinkable vial of Beauty In&Out Elixir a day, with a high concentration of hydrolysed collagen (5g), hyaluronic acid, grape seeds (OPCs) and vitamins for a youthful appearance of the skin, hair and nails texture. Besides, as its format is a convenient drinkable vial, you can take it anywhere. And it’s got a pleasant forest fruits flavour. Mmmm, yummy!

Ref: From International brand Marnys


When cold weather arrives, it is necessary to take extra care of our skin. Our skin is the largest body organ, protects us both from external aggression and inner water loss. Neglecting certain basic principles may damage it, which is a problem when we take into consideration that skin is not important from the point of view of beauty but also in relation to health. Our skin is a vital organ that prevents foreign microorganisms and substances from entering our bodies.

Weather conditions in winter, with cold, wind and humidity contribute to making our skin drier. It is therefore very important to apply products that re-moisturize it. Hands and face are the most sensitive parts during the cold season. In this period, heaters emit substances that cause skin cells to die and heating systems, in general, make the skin lose its natural moisture. In addition to that, going from indoor heated spaces into the open-air dehydrates the skin, becoming less elastic. In that part of the year, we put on more clothes, which makes it more difficult for the skin to breathe and get rid of dead cells.


  • Drink at least 2 liters water a day: moisturization begins from the inside out.
  • Avoid using very cold/very hot water when showering. This traumatizes skin and could cause capillaries to break. Use tepid water.
  • Set heating at a reasonable temperature, around 20º C.
  • Keep skin hydrated by applying daily a moisturizing product in the form of cream or soap. Do not forget to apply a moisturizing cream to your hands. It can be the same as for body and face. Our hands are the part of our body that is the most exposed to the weather. For this reason, they must be protected twice as much.
  • Eat fresh fruit in season, if possible with skin, as it is here where they store more vitamins.
  • Apart from the cold, the wind is another factor affecting our skin. In this part of the year, the wind increases skin dehydration. For this reason, it is important to moisturize it.

Ref: From International brand Marnys

 skin care     skin care routine

5. Get better results with better concentration

Children find it difficult to remain focused on a task for too long. This is especially problematic during exams when their preparation is dependent upon their concentration. In other words, every parents’ nightmare! The solution to this age-old dilemma? Paradox Omega School!

This product contains pure Icelandic fish oil, which is known for being the richest source of Omega 3 and is sourced responsibly from designated sustainable fishing grounds. The omega is retained in its original triglyceride form and has not been unnaturally concentrated or altered in any way. The product includes additives polyphenol antioxidants sourced from cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil derived from olives grown in the Mediterranean and lemon oil from lemon groves in Sicily. The consumption of a daily dose of fish oil is known to maintain general health and wellbeing and improve concentration. The EPA and DHA are known to help children cope with learning difficulties and issues in concentration. In addition to contributing to the mind and body development in children, our product Paradox School also protects from conditions such as childhood asthma or obesity. The great-tasting lemon flavor masks the fishy oil taste and that is ideal for fussy eaters. This exam season, help your kids enhance their learning abilities with a healthy and tasty chewable, every day!


Eating breakfast is about looking after our diet to protect our health, prevent illnesses and satisfy ourselves. Many people miss breakfast, using any of the following excuses for not making it part of their morning routine: “I don’t have time”, “I’ll eat something later”, “I can’t even look at food so early in the morning”, “I want to lose weight”. Anybody that has ever uttered any of these excuses still hasn’t understood just how important breakfast is for keeping healthy.

We all know that missing the first meal of the day doesn’t mean that you’re going to instantly pass out because the body uses up nutrient reserves as an energy source. However, it can lead to metabolic changes that can hinder the body’s normal functioning. Those hoping to lose weight by skipping breakfast are wrong because it is proven that when you miss a meal it makes you hungrier for the next meal, causing you to devour anything you find, without taking into account your diet. In fact, none of the excuses are valid.


In the past decade, the first meal of the day has been proven to be the healthiest way to start the day. Breakfast, especially if it is low in fat and rich in carbohydrates, enhances children’s, teenagers’ and adults’ mental performance.

Any glucose that we eat enters our system and helps with brain function, as well as other actions. We obtain it from sucrose, more commonly known as table sugar, or carbohydrate metabolization.

  • MORE ENERGY: If we don’t eat a hearty breakfast, we are more prone to feeling tired and lacking energy mid-morning and getting an urge to eat something sweet or fatty. These whims usually add calories and grams of fat to our diet without providing us with beneficial nutrients. We put on weight without really nourishing ourselves. If we eat a good breakfast, we’re reducing the risk of hunger pangs. This helps make sure we don’t sabotage our healthy eating plans.
  • AGILE MIND: Several studies have proven that children who don’t eat breakfast do not receive the same results as those who do. Although these studies examined children’s behavior, the results can be applied to adults too. Breakfast gives us energy when we most need it. It gives us useful nutrients so that we can complete physical and intellectual activities throughout the day. Our mind doesn’t work properly if it doesn’t have the nutrients it needs, and our productivity reduces.
  • RAPID METABOLISM: By skipping breakfast or not eating correctly, we are making our metabolism slower, because our body is tricked into believing that it has to save calories for the rest of the day.
  • COMPLETE BREAKFAST: A nutritious breakfast must include all of the food groups, and like all of our meals, most of the calories should come from complex carbohydrates, which include wholemeal bread, wholegrain cereals, fruit, and seeds.

fruits are recommended because it transports valuable nutrients, like vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium, iron, fructose and fiber.

You can also include some protein in your breakfast. This group includes eggs, milk, cheese, meat, and soy derivatives. If you are trying to lose weight, you should try not to include a lot of fat in this group, so we recommend opting for low-fat or fat-free milk, cheese, and meat. Protein is very important because it makes us feel fuller for several hours.

DON’T FORGET: A good breakfast is the start to a good day with lots of energy. It’s also at the start of the day that we feed our body with beneficial nutrients and keep ourselves healthy and fit. If we wake up in a rush, without making time for breakfast, our bodies will feel worse and we will pay for it in the long run. If we don’t look after ourselves, we’ll get bad results and end up with poor health, but if we look after ourselves, we’re more likely to enjoy good health.

Ref: From International brand Marnys

Healthy breakfast healthy food habits

7. Marnys 50+ years Of Excellence & Innovation

Marnys is an illustrious name in the food supplement industry. Known for the manufacture of the highest quality food supplements, Marnys have reigned the market for over 50 years with their innovation in food supplements and natural cosmetics. The key to the success of Marnys has been the quality of the raw materials used, which in turn results in high-quality finished products. Quality checks in the state-of-the-art laboratories and tests conducted by an expert team of scientists, nutritionists, doctors, and food technologists ensure premium quality at all times.

Marnys supplements offer dietary supplements for a number of conditions and ailments that include immunity, respiratory, metabolism, joints, digestive system, nervous systems and many more in the form of capsules, tablets, drinkable vials or bottled syrups.

Healthy nutrition products include natural oils and sweeteners for consumption. The unique sports range of products provides extensive support to athletes and exercise lovers with supplements that boost power during the workout or active play, endurance during the active time, recovery supplements i.e, rehydration and muscle repair for after workout care and total wellness that includes the supply of proteins and omega 3.

Marnys are also the unique manufacturers of drinkable nutricosmetics. Designed to enhance beauty from the inside out, these drinkable vials rejuvenates and moisturizes skin, increase the production of collagen fibers, prevents oxidative stress and maintains healthy skin and nails. An extensive range of cosmetic oils are quickly absorbed by the skin and provide nourishment from the outside.

With over 50 years of experience and constant innovation, Marnys are renowned in over 60 countries and have emerged to be a leading choice for nutritional supplements and cosmetics.

Marnys - 50years

8. Marine Collagen –  Experience the unique QUALITY

Marine collagen is the best source for collagen which contains a high amount of Type 1 and III (Vesteralens Marine Collagen). These are building blocks of skin. Whereas animal collagen derived from bovine, chicken or pork is primarily Type II collagen and they are beneficial for joints (Arterohelp Forte).

Marine collagen is more absorbent than other sources and especially used to improve skin texture, hydration, replenishment and skin integrity. It is important to maintain skin collagen stores to be in the zone of healthy ageing! It helps in renewal of skin’s ability to retain moisture and suppleness, while protecting itself from further damage resulting in loss of elasticity and firmness. This is essential because damaged skin is prone to microbial attack and skin can get damaged. Marine collagen has essential amino acids and protein which makes you look healthy.

Skin cream - collagen Logo Vesteraalens

9. What can I take for urinary discomfort this summer?

Summer is here and we’re looking forward to laying in the sun and plunging in the pool or the sea, but we must take some precautions not to suffer from discomfort in the urinary tract. A recommended option consists of supplementing your healthy diet with cranberry-based food supplements.

Did you know that one out of two women undergoes some urinary discomfort at least once in her life and that they’re more frequent in summer? If you feel burning, pain and a continued urge to urinate, you may be suffering from a temporary problem in your urinary tract. At this time of year, there are usually more cases of urinary discomfort due to sweating and repeated baths that lead to a wet genital area, which facilitates the proliferation of organisms.

To avoid such discomfort, it’s recommended to:

  • Drink fluids to remove bacteria from the urinary tract faster.
  • Change your swimwear after a bath to avoid excess cold and wetness in the sensitive area.
  • Add food supplements to your diet to favor urinary tract wellness.

How to choose a food supplement for urinary discomfort?

There are cranberry-based food supplements. Cranberries are rich in proanthocyanidins (PACs), polysaccharides which, apart from their antioxidant action, exert a bacterial anti-adhesion effect (Yeap Foo et al, 2000; Cunningham et al, 2005) so that bacteria do not adhere, for example, to the bladder. In choosing a food supplement for urinary health it is important to pay attention to its composition. A high concentration of PACs in cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) is very important. According to different studies, the concentration of PACs in cranberry needed to inhibit the adhesion of bacteria to the urinary tract should be 36mg PACs—these should also be analyzed according to the BL-DMAC method.

This is the case of the PACs in MARNYS® Cistomar that also adds the combined action of fructooligosaccharides and vitamin C, which contributes significantly to maintaining good health of the urinary tract. MARNYS® Cistomar is sold in two formats: syrup, for fast-onset, high-intensity episodes of discomfort in the urinary tract, and vegetable capsules to reduce the frequency of such episodes. Let nothing stop you this summer! Ref: From International brand Marnys
urinary health products
urinary health supplement


Immunity is the resistance offered by the body against a disease-causing organism that enters it. A strong immune system is a sign of a healthy life. There’s no shortcut to healthy living, consistent healthy practices make a body robust. As immunity has a vital role in healthful living, here are 10 tips to boost your immunity and live a wholesome life. 

  1. Vitamin C: Vitamin C has a major role in fighting various infections. Research has shown that deficiency of Vitamin C makes the body more vulnerable to infections. It battles the oxidative stress, hunts down the pathogenic organisms and aids in killing microbes. It is also used for recovery from respiratory and systemic infections. Intake of Vitamin C rich foods like Guava, Orange, Strawberry, Papaya, Kiwi, Mango, Lemon, Cauliflower, Broccoli assists in the increase of immunity levels.
  2. Regular exercise: A series of tests involving individuals who perform physical activity every day and others who don’t, has revealed that people who exercise regularly are less prone to diseases like cold and flu. This proves the fact that daily exercise routine would cleanse the body and grant good health.
  3. Adequate sleep: A sleep-deprived person is more exposed to the threat of being infected by a virus, studies prove the same. For a system to function properly, adequate sleep is one of the key factors. This would help the body defend infection-causing organisms. 7 to 8 hours of sleep for adults and 12 hours of sleep for children is recommended.
  4. Minimizing stress: At a stressful stage, the body’s ability to fight microbes and germs is reduced. This makes it more susceptible to diseases. So, practicing stress-reducing activities like meditation and yoga would help in increasing immunity.
  5. Vitamin D: Vitamin D, apart from its major role in bone health, has an important role in keeping autoimmunity of the system at balance and promoting the immunity of the system as a whole. It helps in battling infection creating organisms. Inclusion of Vitamin D rich items like Cheese, Milk and eggs in diet and choosing to stay in sunlight for a while would support the system in being more immune.
  6. Avoid smoking: Studies show that smoking would leave active harm causing agents in the body which reduces the body’s ability to fight against the infections. Smoking slows down the recovery period of the body from diseases. So, abstaining one-self from such practices would help in lifting up the immunity levels.
  7. Avoid drinking: Alcohol has a drastic effect on the digestive mechanisms of the body, this leads to malnutrition. One of the less-known effects of alcohol is its deterioration of the immune system. So, a moderate intake of alcohol or abstinence is advised to overcome the dreadful effects caused by it.
  8. Hygienic practices: Following hygienic practices like washing hands before eating and cooking can keep the spread of germs at bay.
  9. Intake of Supplements: Planning to include nutrients in the diet is also a step towards a healthy Immune system. Minerals, herbs like Ginger and Garlic intake once in a while would be beneficial for overall body health.
  10. Vaccination: Immunization is of great importance when it comes to maintaining good immune health. Duly intake of necessary vaccines at a critical situation helps in keeping diseases at bay.

Reicuri offers a wide range of supplements Circulmar with the goodness of Garlic, Cistomar with Vitamin C and Cranberry, Propolvit Defens a vitamin-rich supplement and many more for a healthy life.

immunity supplements

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Polyunsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3 play a key role during gestation, pre-weaning period and childhood, as they are constituents of cell membrane phospholipids and of the structure of neurons. The demand for these fatty acids goes up in these periods of tissue growth. As a consequence, the demand for essential fatty acids in pregnant women and the fetus as well as in pre-weaning babies is very high.

Countless studies prove the positive effect of Omega-3 supplementation on mental development. Premature babies who were fed with a formula containing Omega-3 fatty acids showed better results in the Mental Development Index of the Bayley Scale, related to language development.

The Official Journal of the European Union has recently published the recommended nutritional intakes for essential fatty acids, indicating that Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are necessary for normal growth in children. Their beneficial effect is obtained when the daily intake of these fatty acids reaches 1 % of total energy intake in the case of linoleic acid and 2 % for α-linolenic acid.

These Fatty Acids are Essential Because:

  • They favor normal child growth.
  • They are fundamental for forming and maintaining the structure and function of the immune system and are essential for the visual function. Both make up more than 30% of the lipids present in the brain and in the cones and rods of the retina. Clinical studies have proved that babies and children who did not take enough amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 during gestation and the first months of life experienced disorders in the functionality of nerve and eye tissues.
  • They stimulate mental development in premature babies. There exist studies showing that an Omega 3-rich diet in the first months of life improves the ability of children with retarded growth to lose problems in a way that they reach the normal level. It has also been reported that low birth weight babies who got administered Omega-3 from early stages show a higher level of mental and psychomotor development in the 19th month of life.
  • They have a positive effect on the skin. It has been observed that Omega-6 intake has a positive effect on certain skin conditions.

omega 3, 6, and 9

omega 3 benefits


Immunity is the body’s resistance to foreign particles causing diseases. A strong immune system and healthy life are two events dependent on each other. But maintaining a good immune system is a challenging task as it requires consistent efforts. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are key to a strong body. Fortunately, Reicuri has a range of products that assist in having a healthy life.


  • PROPOLVIT DEFENS : Is one such food supplement that improves the immune health. It is composed of essential elements such as Vitamin B6, Colostrum and shiitake extracts. Vitamin B6 acts as a powerful antioxidant in fighting infections. Colostrum with IgA and IgG antibodies fights diseases and shiitake extracts help in lowering blood cholesterol levels, effectively battle diabetes, eczema, colds and acts as an anti-aging agent.
  • MAG VITAL : Acts as a magnesium supplement that aids in protein synthesis. With its vital ingredients as magnesium sulfate, magnesium L- pidolate, magnesium citrate, and Vitamin B6 it not only provides micronutrients but also improves immunity and bone health.
  • ARTROHELP FORTE : Is an amino acid supplement. Amino acids have a significant role in the synthesis of new cells and proteins. They can also be used as a direct fuel for the immune system in its lower forms like glucose.
  • METAL ENDURANCE : Is a treasure of essential minerals magnesium & sodium and elements such as Vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12. Magnesium helps in maintaining a strong immune system and strengthens muscles & bones, Vitamin B family assists in the process of metabolism and sodium keeps the salt balance.
  • L – CARNITINA : With itself as a major ingredient has an important role in regulating immune responses and aging processes and also helps in energy release in the system.


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